Chrome extensions are a dime a dozen. The trick is lớn pick the right ones. We’ve done the work. In our list of useful Chrome extensions for social media managers, you’ll find a current đứng top selection of add-ons that make work more efficient – và in most cases, they’re even completely free. Whether it’s image search, tìm kiếm engine optimization, or spell check, these extensions are a valuable support in everyday life.

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Social media Chrome Extension #1: Rite

Whether on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, deciding on the right hashtags will increase the visibility of visuals. Rite
Tag is the smart alternative to guessing. The extension provides you with suggestions for images và texts and marks different hashtags according to lớn their potential: green for từ khóa that are currently trending, blue for those with a long lifespan, gray for rarely used, & red for hashtags with which your post is sure lớn get lost in the crowd.

Chrome Extension: Rite

Social truyền thông Chrome Extension #2: Pinterest’s Save Button

With its specialization in visual nội dung and rapidly growing user numbers, Pinterest is becoming increasingly important in online marketing. Thereby, regular (preferably daily) pinning is a basic requirement for successful campaigns. Pinterest’s save button gives you the opportunity lớn easily và quickly publish images from a website lớn one of your boards and transfer an infographic from your blog to the image search engine in seconds.

Chrome Extension: Pinterest’s pin Button

Social media Chrome Extension #3: Stay

You arrive at the office in the morning in a good mood and full of energy, with your to-do các mục for today already in sight. Just a quick glance at last night’s sports results … Three hours later, it’s time for lunch, & you’re still no further along with your work.

We all know days when it’s hard not to lớn get distracted. The Stay
Focused Chrome extension makes it easier khổng lồ stay focused at work. It allows you khổng lồ set time limits for “distractor” websites. Once a limit is exceeded, you can’t access that page for the rest of the day. It’s a great way khổng lồ eliminate time-wasters.

Chrome Extension: Stay

Social truyền thông media Chrome Extension #4: vid
IQ Vision for You

Want to lớn know more about how your You
Tube videos are performing? vidl
Q Vision for You
Tube will tell you. First you have khổng lồ install the extension và register for free. Then vidl
Q Vision for You
Tube analyzes all videos in your own channel

The add-on creates rankings according to the number of views, shows the number of likes on social networks, reveals the total number of minutes that the video was viewed on You
Tube and much more. The vidl
Q score is particularly revealing. This metric indicates the probability of a clip appearing in You
Tube tìm kiếm or being listed via “recommended” or “similar” videos.So you get a whole range of information for your You
Tube analysis.

Paid plans offer you even more options. Then you can use vid
IQ Vision for từ khóa research, for example.


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Tube"s privacy policy.Learn more

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Social truyền thông Chrome Extension #5: Grammarly

Often, one misspelled word can ruin the effect of an original and funny post. With Grammarly you can prevent such serious mishaps. The extension automatically checks every English text you write in the browser for spelling & grammar mistakes. In the premium version, it also suggests improvements for your writing style & helps you khổng lồ maintain a once chosen tone.

But be careful: even a great extension like Grammarly is no substitute for careful proofreading.

Chrome Extension: Grammarly

Social truyền thông Chrome Extension #6: Soapbox

Videos are an important success factor in social truyền thông marketing, but small teams in particular shy away from the effort involved.

Thanks to a variety of modern apps & extensions, you don’t need a lot of equipment khổng lồ produce impressive social media videos.With the Chrome extension Soapbox, you can easily & quickly record your screen, yourself or both in a split-screen view & switch between the different views. Editing options are also available to you. This makes the tool perfect for creating explainer videos for You
Tube, for example.

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Social truyền thông Chrome Extension #7: Nimbus

Screenshots are one of those things that you need lớn take so often as a social truyền thông media manager that you hardly ever think about them. Whether it’s creating content or communicating with colleagues và customers: Snapshots on the mạng internet are a real all-purpose weapon.

Using the Nimbus Screenshot & Screen video clip Recorder menu, which opens with a click on the icon, you can capture entire website pages or selected areas, record videos, edit screenshots (for example, địa chỉ cửa hàng text và highlights) and much more. Thanks khổng lồ the extension’s distinct user-friendliness, all these operations can be performed with ease.

You can find extensive tips for planning, creating, publishing và analyzing nội dung in social networks in our e-Book “The art of social media content creation”. Get it now for không tính tiền and optimize your nội dung marketing!

Download our e
Book and learn how khổng lồ plan, create and distribute your social media nội dung while measuring its effectiveness on your relevant social truyền thông channels. To ensure you don’t miss out on any big social media content trend or best practice, we’ve also included interviews of 5 experts in this field. Find out how to lớn master the art of social media content creation using the latest available tools & determine what type of content makes your audience tick!

Social truyền thông media Chrome Extension #8:Zest – New Tab

Whether it’s affiliate marketing, thư điện tử campaigns or influencer networks, with Zest – New Tab you have access to a huge number of informative articles on various topics of modern marketing. The Chrome extension stands out not only for the quantity of nội dung it provides, but also for its quality.

After all, all uploaded texts are checked by sale experts before being published. This alone makes Zest – New Tab a valuable repository of information for anyone who wants khổng lồ stay up to date. You can also upload your own content and exchange information with other members of the Zest community.

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Social media Chrome Extension #9: Flaunt

Social truyền thông media reporting can be time-consuming. Flaunt saves you time. The Chrome extension allows you to địa chỉ cửa hàng comments, tags and a rating lớn screenshots on the “Awesomeness Meter”. At the end of the month, you can create a qualitative report from your screenshots with one click and send it khổng lồ customers or superiors. This is an optimal complement to lớn number-heavy reports.

Important: Flaunt is a handy tool, but not a full-fledged replacement for social media reporting, such as you can create with You can’t use it khổng lồ collect data about posts, such as the number of likes.

Social media Chrome Extension #10: Last

Tired of remembering a password for every piece of software you work with? Then it’s time for Last
Pass. With the không tính tiền password manager, a single password is enough lớn gain access to all programs or applications. It can be easily added lớn any device, includes a password generator for creating extra-secure passwords, and allows you to lớn store payment information, pictures, và documents in your online safe, the password vault.

The exact feature phối depends on the plan. Last Pass is available không tính phí of charge, in a Premium, Families, Teams and Business version. At a maximum of 5.70 euros per month, prices are kept within reasonable limits.

Social truyền thông media Chrome Extension #11: Rite

It used lớn be called Rite
Push, but today the add-on is available under the name Rite
Boost. The new name describes the potential of the add-on quite aptly. Because Rite
Boost gives you a whole range of options khổng lồ boost your posts via the “Enhance Button” or a right-click – for example, by automatically adding relevant hashtags and emojis or images or GIFs. The add-on also shortens links.

Social truyền thông Chrome Extension #12: Tinybeest Image Optimization

Many social media managers spend more time on simple tasks in Photoshop than they would like. Just resizing images found on the web to the right kích cỡ eats up valuable time. You can vày it faster with this add-on. After installing it, right-click on the selected image and then choose from various offered sizes và formats. This way, with Tinybeest Image Optimization you’ll save time for essential things.

Social media Chrome Extension #13: GIPHY for Chrome

Sometimes a GIF is worth 1,000 words. With GIPHY for Chrome, you’ll find the right one to spice up conversation và put the person you’re talking to lớn in a good mood. Just tìm kiếm with the desired keyword & drag the GIF of your choice into your post on Facebook or Twitter.

Social media Chrome Extension #14: share to Facebook

You want to mô tả a website with your followers in Facebook? With the nội dung to Facebook extension you can bởi vì that without time-consuming detours. Just click on the Facebook button in the address bar & a window will open, where you can cốt truyện the liên kết in your own timeline or that of a friend. It is also possible to send the liên kết via Messenger. In addition, there is the option lớn mark a section of text and địa chỉ cửa hàng it as a quote.

If you are unsure whether you want to cốt truyện the page in question now, later or at all, save it in Facebook. There is also a browser extension for this purpose. With “Save to lớn Facebook” you can archive articles, videos, etc. Directly in the social network và access them on any device of your choice.

Social media Chrome Extension #15: Influencer Analytics by Upfluence

The Chrome extension “Influencer Analytics” from Upfluence helps you find the right influencers in social media. How it works is as simple as it is practical.

Go khổng lồ the social truyền thông media profile of an influencer (with Ad
Blocker turned off).Open the Chrome extension.

Now you can see data about the influencer like the post engagement rate, the average number of views and likes và information about the target audience.

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Tube"s privacy policy.Learn more

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Social truyền thông media Chrome Extension #16: Figure it Out

Do you work with people in different time zones? Figure it Out tells you at a glance what time it is in up to lớn ten locations around the world. This makes it much easier lớn schedule cross-border meetings. After installation, the tiện ích automatically replaces your trang chủ screen. The tasteful striped thiết kế is not only informative, but also nice to look at.

Social truyền thông Chrome Extension #17: domain authority Vinci Tools

Google Analytics is a great help, including when you want to know how many website visitors are coming to lớn the company’s homepage as a result of your new Facebook campaign. But picking the right data out of the sea of information is a challenge. The Chrome extension domain authority Vinci Tools makes it easier for you with coloring và various setting options.

The menu of Chrome extensions for social truyền thông media managers could go on và on. But often less is more. With the extensions listed here, you’ll save a lot of time & effort every day, without losing track or sacrificing too much memory.

More important than any Chrome extension is a good social truyền thông media management tool. With you have everything you need for vị trí cao nhất performance in social media marketing, a clear editorial plan, a central ticket inbox, monitoring, analytics, automations and much more. Try it now for free!

Efficient Social truyền thông Communications With
Start a không tính tiền trial

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Are you in the Christmas mood already? Let us speed up the waiting time until Christmas Eve & surprise you with a Christmas Moment every Friday.

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Facebook has made social truyền thông advertising an interesting prospect for the great majority of companies. With an extensive self-service tool, <…>

Chrome extensions are a dime a dozen. The trick is lớn pick the right ones. We’ve done the work. In <…>

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From finding out who unfriended you to lớn keeping lớn removing those annoying boxes in the sidebar, here are the 15 best extensions for a better Facebook.

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Readers lượt thích you help support MUO. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an tiếp thị liên kết commission. Read More.
If you access Facebook from a computer rather than your sản phẩm điện thoại device, then it"s easy to make the desktop Facebook experience better using extensions.

Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox offer many extensions that can change how you interact with Facebook, whether it"s by adding features or removing unwanted elements.

Keep reading lớn learn about the best Facebook extensions that you can install today...

1. Social Fixer


Available on: Chrome, User Script

Of all the Facebook extensions, Social Fixer is the most popular and most comprehensive solution. It offers an exhaustive danh sách of features that help make Facebook a more enjoyable experience.

Some of the extension"s đứng top tools include ways khổng lồ turn off sponsored posts or force your news feed khổng lồ show the newest posts first. It also has a news feed filter & a friend manager that will let you know when someone unfriends you.

You can even use Social Fixer khổng lồ roll back the 2020 Facebook redesign so that the site displays the old layout instead.

Download: Social Fixer (Free)

2. F.B. Purity

Available on: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera

Like Social Fixer, F.B. Purity is an all-in-one tool that can overhaul many aspects of the native Facebook home page when viewed in a browser.

Some of the best features include hiding ads, hiding related posts, hiding upcoming events, & hiding recommended games. You can also revert to lớn the old Facebook layout and turn off auto-playing videos.

Download: F.B. Purity (Free)

3. Facebook Demetricator

Available on: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera

Research suggests that Facebook is making us sad, and a part of the reason is that we tend lớn quantify our self-worth with the number of likes or shares our posts get.

Facebook Demetricator is a Facebook add-on that hides these numbers from your Facebook home page. For example, instead of seeing a fixed number, such as "15 people like this," you"ll just see a "People like this" message.

Download: Facebook Demetricator (Free)

4. Privacy Badger


Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera

It"s no secret that Facebook stores a massive amount of data about its users (and, perhaps more worryingly, its non-users). In fact, there are lots of ways Facebook invades your privacy, & many people are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the cấp độ of intrusion.

If you want a way to stop Facebook from doing all that tracking, kiểm tra out Privacy Badger. It"s an official extension from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) that will prevent third-party advertisers from collecting information as you browse the web—Facebook included.

Download: Privacy Badger (Free)

5. Seen Blocker for Facebook


Available on: Firefox

We"re all familiar with the concept—when you read a message that someone has sent you on Facebook, the sender will know you have opened and read it thanks to a notification icon in their own chat window.

To prevent that from happening, check out Seen Blocker. It will let you read Facebook messages without activating the "message read" notification for the other person.

Sadly, this Facebook extension is only available on Firefox.

Download: Seen Blocker for Facebook (Free)

6. Photo Zoom for Facebook


Available on: Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Whenever you scroll through a Facebook feed, you"ll be acutely aware that all the photos are shrunk down on-screen. This is not quality to Facebook; all social networks deploy the approach, partly lớn help save data & partly because of the practicalities of using a computer screen.

However, if you want to lớn see a photo in its full-size glory on Facebook, you need to physically click on it. If you enjoy studying a lot of friends" pictures, that quickly becomes tedious.

Photo Zoom for Facebook removes the need to lớn click. Once you have installed the extension, merely hovering over a photo on your news feed will show its full size.

Download: Photo Zoom for Facebook (Free)

7. Friends Feed

Available on: Chrome, Safari

If you"re old enough to remember the first few years of Facebook, you will know that the news feed used to lớn be a much more fun place to hang out. Unfortunately, that"s no longer the case.

You feed gets clogged up with posts that you have no interest in—either because other friends liked it or because a company has paid lớn get its content in front of your eyes.

The Friends Feed extension gets rid of these posts. The only updates you"ll see will either originate from your friends or from pages và people you actively follow.

Download: Friends Feed (Free)

8. Friend Convert

Available on: Chrome

If you are the manager of a large Facebook group, you might want to check out the Friend Convert Facebook Chrome extension. It lets you showroom friends to a group en mass, but also allows you lớn bulk-remove people from a group.

This is especially useful if the group operates on the premise of a membership, wherein the danh mục of people with an active membership is continuously in a state of flux.

Download: Friend Convert (Free)

9. Multiple Tools for Facebook

Available on: Chrome

Managing your Facebook profile, page, or group can be a labor-intensive task. Indeed, most businesses now have khổng lồ employ an entire social truyền thông media team just khổng lồ keep on vị trí cao nhất of the never-ending slew of messages and tương tác requests.

Multiple Tools is a Facebook extension that specializes in automation. It has a dashboard that will display all your analytics, as well as ways to lớn automate privacy settings for posts, message downloading, and incoming & outgoing friend & group requests.

You can also use the extension lớn block seen messages, block the message delivery mark, và even find out which groups your friends have joined.

NB: Remember, it is possible to use Messenger without Facebook if you don"t want a full account.

Download: Multiple Tools for Facebook (Free)

10. Image Cleaner

Available on: Chrome

Facebook doesn"t really want you lớn delete your photos. Consequently, there is no way to lớn delete your old images in bulk.

Sure, you can delete pictures on an individual basis, & that"s fine for getting rid of an embarrassing snap from a night out. However, if you want to lớn go on a photo purge, Facebook makes it near-impossible without entirely deleting your account.

Image Cleaner solves the problem. You can delete photos, albums, và videos with a single click (no confirmation screen). It also adds a checkbox to truyền thông media items so you can select & delete multiple files at the same time.

Download: Image Cleaner (Free)

Should Facebook Natively Include These Features?

It"s somewhat sad that we have khổng lồ turn khổng lồ third-party Facebook extensions khổng lồ access some of this functionality. If anything, their absence is an indictment of Facebook"s true guiding principles. As has been the case for several years, it is a case of profit over user experience.

Hopefully, Facebook changes its stance & makes the site more user-friendly, but we don"t have high hopes. For now, these extensions will have to lớn suffice.

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